The Latest Biobank

The most recent clinical-grade biobank in the United States, applying the most advanced cryopreservation technology worldwide.

Dual Centers

U.S.-China Dual center model, denoting potent stem cell processing and application capabilities across China and the United States.

The World’s Pioneer

The world’s pioneer in stem cell transplantation, with over ten thousand clinical cases and ample clinical experience.

Experience in Cells Manufacturing

Years of experience in cells manufacturing. All stem cell biologics have obtained clinical certification for treating real cases. Using clinical-grade stem cells, our company guarantees the potency and quality of the stem cells.

Regenerative Medical Solutions

The company is not providing medical services or stem cell biologics in a limited scope, but a macro, exclusive, regenerative medical resolution based on stem cell storage, producing, transplantation therapy and anti-aging, all supported by numerous years of solid clinical experience.

China Branch Office

China Branch Office offering exclusive service. Administered by the U.S. Operation Department and is capable of responding to clients/patients’ call for aid and services immediately.

Ability of Import & Export

Access to the transportation of biological samples between China and the United States, rather than the undesirable channel which involves the transportation of biological samples to China Customs and leaving the clients with obstacle of entry.

FDA Clinical Trials

20 WHO registered clinical trials; 6 NIH and FDA registered clinical trials (2 of which passed phase iii of clinical trials).