The North American Biobank is able to store biological samples ranging from serum, DNA, sperm, ovum, bone marrow blood, cell tissue, and other biological samples from the human body. ICT U.S. primarily focuses on mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) biologics, fibroblasts biologics, immunocyte biologics, and other somatic biologics which are used under clinical applications.

  • Storage capacity of approx. 250,000 biological specimens.
  • Utilizes the most advanced cryopreservation technology worldwide with the latest double screen monitor and – 196 Celsius Degree liquid nitrogen tank.
  • Built in accordance with the strict cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) under the guidelines published by CDPH (California Department of Public Health) and AABB (American Association of Blood Banks).

The North American Biobank is associated with the China Clinical Application Center, which acquired AA-grade laboratory certification from the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of china and approved by the china Customs Biological Safety Inspection. Therefore, ICT U.S. possess the ability to transport biological samples between China and the United States through the fastest and safest shipping method for all biological samples.

With the establishment of the Northern American Biobank, ICT U.S. will continue to increase input, further expand the scale of operations, expand from simple stem cell storage to stem cell clinical research, establish large-scale laboratories, employ more American talents and skilled workers. Focusing on sustainable development, ICT U.S. expects to spend nearly 15 million U.S. dollars per year on capital investment, which will provide the local employment opportunities for more than 100 people in the United States.