North American Biobank (clinical-grade) is fundamental to the ICT U.S. and is the most essential subsidiary. Its storage of biological samples exceeds 300,000, ranging from serum, DNA, sperm, ovum, bone marrow blood, cell tissue and other biological samples from the human body, to a special focus on mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) biologics, fibroblasts biologics, immunocyte biologics and other somatic biologics for clinical application.

The North American Biobank is the newest established biological sample depository institute in the United States. The institute leads other cord blood and tissue banks through the general application of the newest cryopreservation technology, most notably, the preservation of biological samples in -196 Degrees Celsius liquid nitrogen tanks — a trailblazing product produced by the professional company expert MVE in 2018.

Also, since the China Clinical Application Center (CCAC) is an A-grade laboratory as certified by the China Health Bureau and have passed the biosafety risk assessment by the General Administration of Customs, P.R.C, the Biobank is capable of delivering biological samples from the United States to China through the safest and fastest way, and do offers such service.

  • Tel: (626)566-8956 (ICT U.S. LAB)