North American Regenerative Medicine Research Center (RMRC) focuses on stem cell basic research. It is affiliated to the ICT U.S, and is an integral part of the ICT dual-center business model. This clinical-grade center is 80,000-sq-ft in size, located at the beautiful city of Arcadia, L.A.

The RMRC is a member institute of the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT) and the American Association of Blood Bankers (AABB). RMRC is also in the board of members for the North American Regenerative Medicine Association. RMRC has long engaged in the stem cells basic research and has for numerous years cooperated with the ICT-affiliated China Clinical Application Center (CCAC) for its specialty in clinical application, all to ensure the fullest support to basic research in the United States through clinical trials.

RMRC has, in addition, established partnership with the largest Chinese hospital group in the United States — Asian Hospital and Medical Center (AHMC), to join further regenerative medicine basic research.

  • Tel: (626) 566-8956 (ICT U.S. LAB)