ICT U.S.-Inheritor Cell Technology (USA) Inc. is a biotechnology company specializing in the research and the clinical application of stem cells. The company owns two modern research centers: the North American Regenerative Medicine Research Center and the China Clinical Application Center; both grand in scale and up to GMP standard. The American Center focuses on basic research, while the China Center focuses on clinical practice. The company has also established 80,000-sq-ft biobank (clinical-grade) in the Los Angeles area. ICT prides itself as multinational and one of the few pioneers within the regenerative medicine field with dual medical centers.

We are devoted to providing services in stem cell manufacturing, clinical application, therapy and biologics; with a commitment to services in disease research, genetic tests, assisted reproduction, organ regeneration, genetic science, etc. The company has kept a large storage of human stem cells, tissues, organs, other biological samples within its clinical grade biobank for future medical research and development in applications.

We are fully aware that within the ever-growing trend of artificial intelligence, the future has rendered machines to be smarter and that the future should not only render machines to be smarter, but the enhancement of health standards as well. We therefore insist that only healthy people are eligible to manage machines with greater intelligence.

–Stem cells WILL change the lives of people.

Global Leaders

ICT’s full name is Inheritor Cell Technology (USA) INC, registered in California, USA. It is a multinational company with Chinese descent. It is externally referred to as ICT U.S. for short.

Since the beginning of its establishment, the company has firmly established a strategy – originating from China, keeping a foothold in North America, serving the world.


Arcadia,CA USA

Inheritor Cell Technology (USA) Inc.

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Inheritor Cell Technology (USA) INC

Phone: +86(10)8899 6451
Email: info@ictcells.com

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The holding parent company of ICT U.S. has been focusing on the clinical research and application of stem cells for more than eight years in China. It has not only achieved a good operating performance of more than RMB 100 million in annual revenue, but also has focused on the future of mankind.

ICT will be recognized as a world leader in innovative, highest quality medical care. We will set a new standard for delivering compassionate, respectful and responsive patient care. We will create an environment that will attract and support the most highly talented physicians and staff.

  • Quality: We offer the most advanced medical care available to the patients we serve.
  • Respect: We respect diversity and individuality and hold each patient’s unique circumstances at the forefront of clinical care decisions.
  • Integrity: We commit to regular self-evaluation of our practice and continuous quality improvement to assure patient safety, the best possible clinical outcomes and the optimal use of medical resources.
  • Discovery: We are dedicated to advancing medical knowledge through basic science and applied clinical research and to sharing our discoveries for the benefit of society.
  • Education: We are committed to providing outstanding education and training for current and future generations of health care professionals.
  • Partnership: We pursue our clinical and academic missions in close partnership with our major teaching hospitals, our health system, and with key community physicians, especially those who serve as members of our voluntary clinical faculty.
  • Professionalism: We believe our faculty, staff, residents and medical students are our greatest asset and recognize and value the contributions of each member of our health care team.

In order to further expand the global market, in 2017, ICT U.S , a multinational corporation was established in California, and the company address was selected in Los Angeles, California. This is also invested by ICT U.S. North American Cell Bank and Laboratory, mainly for providing storage services for newborn umbilical cord blood stem cells and umbilical cord stem cells for more maternal mothers.

The North American cell bank and laboratory are located in Los Angeles, California, and will store newborn umbilical cord blood stem cells and umbilical cord stem cells for at least 400,000 families over the next 10 years. ICT U.S. will be built in accordance with the strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards under the direction of CDPH (California Department of Public Health) and AABB (American Association of Blood Banks).

With the official establishment of the cell bank, ICT U.S. will continue to increase input, further expand the scale of operations, expand from simple stem cell storage to stem cell clinical research, establish large-scale laboratories, employ more American talents and skilled workers, and regarding the sustainable development, the ICT U.S expects to spend about 15 million U.S. dollars per year on capital investment, which will provide the local employment opportunities for more than 100 people in the United States.

Under the guidance of the company’s development philosophy, the company vigorously develops biotechnology applications such as stem cell storage, treatment, anti-aging, and medical beauty. It focuses on human health services such as cell pharmaceuticals, disease research, genetic testing, assisted reproduction, organ regeneration, and genetic sciences, opens up the entire industry chain. Through biotechnology applications and human health services, we will fundamentally change human vital functions, improve the quality of life, extend the life cycle, and rationally use scientific concepts to create a more accurate life management system.