We are a modern innovative Human Umbilical Cord Blood, Tissue and Stem Cell Bank located in Los Angeles County. Inheritor Cell Technology U.S. Inc. (ICT), specializes in advanced biological sample processing and storage techniques utilizing the most recent scientific evidence on stem cell research, and clinical applications. Using our unique business model, ICT U.S. is able to access nearly two decades of clinical trials experience via our exclusive access to the most compelling knowledge and practical applications performed and documented by our affiliated China center. ICT U.S. mission is to help to improve lives with stem cells safely harvested and stored to ensure the readiness of your sample in the event you would one day need them. ICT U.S. is at the forefront of bio-banking, stem cell preparation, and future budding clinical applications. ICT U.S. has a goal of someday sharing the potential powers of stem cells with the American population.

ICT U.S. is dedicated to offering future services in stem cell manufacturing, clinical applications, therapies and biologics; with a commitment to disease research, genetic testing, assisted reproduction, organ rejuvenation and genetic science.

“Stem cells will change the lives of people”

Global Leaders

Inheritor Cell Technology U.S. (ICT U.S.) is a multinational company. ICT U.S. is located in Los Angeles County in Arcadia, CA.

Since its establishment, ICT U.S. has remained true to its global strategy – expand from U.S. and serve the world.


Arcadia,CA USA

Inheritor Cell Technology (USA) Inc.

400 Live Oak Ave,
Arcadia, CA 91006
Phone: (626)-672-1117
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Inheritor Cell Technology (USA) INC

Phone: +86(10)8899 6451
Email: info@ictcells.com

  • Values
  • Our Mission

ICT U.S. is on track to become recognized as a world leader in advanced quality and innovative health services. We propose a new standard of compassionate, respectful and responsive healthcare by creating a treatment options that attracts and supports the most skilled physicians and staff.

  • Quality: We offer the most advanced services available to the clients we serve.
  • Respect: We respect diversity and individuality and consider each client’s unique circumstances and place them at the forefront of all scientific decisions.
  • Integrity: We commit to continuous self-evaluation of our processes and constant quality improvements to assure the safety, viability and integrity of your stored samples.
  • Discovery: We are dedicated to advancing biologic knowledge through advanced science, proven clinical research and sharing our findings to benefit humanity.
  • Education: We are committed to providing outstanding education and training for current and future generations of health care professionals.
  • Partnership: We will pursue our clinical and academic mission in close partnership with major medical schools, our provider network, and key physician knowledge leaders, especially members on our Scientific Review Committees.
  • Professionalism: We believe Scientists, technicians and support personnel are our greatest asset. We recognize and value the contributions of each member of the ICT U.S. team.

Our Mission: Capture the endless possibilities of stem cells


Our international affiliates have over 15 years of documented clinical application experience and nearly two decades of stem cell preparation knowledge. ICT U.S. believes the future potential of stem cells will be used to combat a wide range of diseases. ICT U.S. specializes in the harvesting and storage of potentially highly powerful umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSC). Currently, these types of stem cells are utilized in many approved clinical trials for many different maladies including nervous system, autoimmune, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urinary tract, bone diseases, anti-aging treatments, and more. ICT U.S. plans to soon begin researching and developing the spectrum of stem cell’s endless possibilities.